Technology Spec
It is recommended that OAS is deployed with a dual-server architecture combining: Oracle Application server and Web (IIS) server on a single App server and the Oracle database on a separate server. OAS could be deployed on multiple application servers if required.

The application is delivered via the browser minimising the client footprint and ensuring acceptable response time from remote location.

Database Server
Oracle 64bit RDBMS on Linux or Microsoft Windows (2019, 2016 R2).
Current Oracle releases supported are:
  • Oracle 11GR2
  • Oracle 12CR2
  • Oracle 19c

The OAS Application and Database can be hosted on physical or virtualised servers including cloud based virtual servers such as an Amazon EC2 instance or Microsoft Azure VM. Additionally, the OAS database can be deployed to Amazon RDS for Oracle.

Architecture Scaling
OAS is an enterprise scale product and both multi-site and time zone aware. However, OAS is scalable and may operate on platforms as small as a single small-scale server with four cores and 8GB of memory.