Maron Technology
Maron Systems design, build, and implement solutions in the latest web-based, mobile and client-server technology, in consultation with clients to accurately establish their requirements. Ongoing product management of Maron Systems applications deployed at multiple client sites means that an energy industry best practice is achieved through the combination of ideas from a variety of organisations and Maron themselves.

Choice of appropriate technology to match the end-user needs is key to successful implementation, and Maron Systems use their comprehensive business and IT experience to bring maximum advantage to clients' business. Web-based modules are delivered with appropriate deployment of the latest web technologies from Microsoft and Oracle. Oracle database technology is used to deliver performance benefits and data security. Data visualisation and reporting Tools are used to deliver management information and highlight KPIs.

Having many years' experience that covers both new and still-used legacy technology, Maron Systems are able to offer their skills in integration to ensure smooth data flows between different systems, and appropriate strategies for data warehousing and presentation of management information.

The software solutions that we develop for our customers interface and integrate with products from other market-leading providers. At Maron Systems we have developed strong relationships and in-depth experience of working with the leading technology providers in the refinery market sector allowing us to offer our customers unrivalled integration experience.