How to Optimise Berths for Success
March 27, 2024


Berth planning and optimization are critical components of efficient port operations. For berth and jetty schedulers, the ability to optimize these processes can lead to significant improvements in berth utilization and reduced demurrage costs. Here, we’ll discuss how OAS Shipment Planner can improve berth planning and optimization processes.

Understanding the Importance of Berth Planning

Efficient berth planning is essential for maximizing port capacity utilization, reducing vessel turnaround times, and reducing demurrage costs. Adequately managing allocation of berths allows schedulers the ability to ensure smooth vessel arrivals and departures and thus, enhanced port performance over time. Smart integration and clear visibility across departments increases efficiency across the supply chain.

Challenges Faced by Berth Schedulers

Schedulers often encounter various challenges in their day-to-day operations. These problems can range from conflicting berth requests, limited visibility into berth availability, to manual scheduling processes that are prone to errors and inefficiencies. As a result, companies are then subject to delays, congestion, demurrage fees, and increased operational costs. Facing these overwhelming challenges requires a streamlined and automated solution to berth planning.

Key Strategies for Improving Berth Planning

1. Implementing a user-friendly, centralized berth management system: By leveraging a dedicated berth management software like OAS Shipment Planner, individuals and teams can dynamically gain oversight into berth availability and demurrage cost management. A drag-and-drop interface is used with Gantt charts to prevent selection of inappropriate berths and proactively manage berth conflicts.

2. Automating processes with smart features: Critical information or changes of events are monitored constantly and then instantaneously shared with schedulers, allowing them to plan accordingly. Intelligent automatic scheduling can create optimal schedules for complex busy port scenarios. In addition, the best matches for berth, vessel, and product availability can be suggested to schedulers ensuring the highest degree of resource optimization.

3. Efficient integration within the organization: OAS Shipment Planner natively integrates with neighboring OAS modules to provide a comprehensive, real-time outlook on your operations at any given time. Beyond the OAS product suite, OAS Shipment Planner also flexibly integrates well with other systems via modern APIs to ensure your organization can reap the same benefits.


Efficient berth planning is crucial for enhancing site operations and reducing demurrage costs. By centralizing solutions, embracing integration and utilizing smart features, berth schedulers can effectively tackle their day-to-day challenges. With OAS Shipment Planner, schedulers can confidently position their sites for sustained improvements.

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Vela Software Group Acquires Maron Systems Ltd.
June 9, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia - June 9, 2023 - Vela Software Group (“Vela”), an operating group of Canadian public company Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU) and its division Navarik are pleased to announce the acquisition of Maron Systems Ltd – an independent specialist software development company based in Wales, UK. Maron System’s clientele extends from major global corporations to national and regional organizations, providing oil accounting and shipping management solutions to the oil refining sector since 2003.

As a reflection of Vela’s Investment Philosophy, Maron Systems will continue operating alongside Navarik. Joining the Vela family provides a strengthened network of support and access to cutting-edge development resources, ushering in the next phase of growth.

William Cyr, CEO of Navarik states “We are pleased to welcome Maron Systems into the Vela family as we embark on this journey together. Maron’s customer-focused approach and deep industry knowledge, alongside Navarik’s software products, will continue driving industry-forward solutions within the oil and gas industry. This is the beginning of an extraordinary journey as we continue reshaping the industry and delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

About Vela. Vela is a global provider of software solutions to several vertical industries. Vela acquires, manages, and builds specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. Vela companies invest in becoming leaders in their industries and to better serve their customers. We help companies improve their operations, grow through organic initiatives, and seek acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.