Business Process Improvement
While OAS provides functionality and capability to enable improvements in business performance, the benefits can only be fully realised through effective business processes utilising the deep OAS functionality. Maron provide services to maximise benefit through good practice in selected OAS areas, improve working processes, and deliver quantifiable value to OAS Clients. The services provided focus on the following key areas:

Oil Accounting Process Baseline and Benchmark
To assess maturity of client processes and management, Maron can provide a snap shot of oil accounting processes in a specific refinery to assess how a specific implementation compares to good practice. An assessment is made of:

  • Aims, goals and objectives for the Oil Accounting function
  • Baseline under which improvement plans are assessed
  • Organisational structures and cross-functional working
  • Level of information integration
  • Working processes (daily, weekly, monthly) under which losses, inventories and refinery production are reported, actioned and anomalies followed up

Loss Control
Maron can help to ensure that robust processes are in place to track, monitor and continuously improve stock losses on a refinery-wide basis. The aim of the service is to reduce gross errors (node imbalance of in /out flows) through increased automation (movements, meter readings, lab values) and analyse / correct measurement discrepancies (meter calibration, leakage, ship-shore comparisons etc).

Production and Inventory Tracking
Management and tracking of inventories is vital in ensuring a smooth running refinery. Data, information and processes need to be in place on a refinery-wide basis to provide up to date information of production status and inventory status. Maron will work with clients to ensure that all flows, movements and inventories across the refinery are comprehensively tracked, giving an accurate and effective daily mass balance for the refinery so that downgrades are minimised.

Close tracking of inventories via OAS, especially where OAS extends to multi-site operation enables inventories to be accurately calibrated both on-site (production) and off-site (storage). Improved information on crude inventories against production status may enable more informed decisions on crude purchasing by trading and scheduling teams, and can also ensure that refinery inventories are kept close to compulsory reserves.

Shipping and Distribution
This service is designed to improve shipping operations to make better use of data, system and functionality within OAS to maximise efficiency of jetty operations (timesheets, recording of delays, and integration with external 3rd parties).