OAS Demurrage
There is an increasing pressure on refineries and terminals to reduce their operating costs and demurrage is often a significant and highly visible expense. Most installations track the total figures and analyse its causes and makeup. OAS provides rich support for demurrage estimation, tracking and visualisation which results in a considerable reduction in manual calculations. Demurrage forecasts are calculated utilising the comprehensive data already captured within the OAS shipment accounting process and by examining key events in the vessel’s timesheet.

  • Flexible rule-based definition of allowable laytime, conditional allowances and start of laytime.
  • Contracted laycan start and end dates recorded.
  • Disciplined entry of timesheet events and delays.
  • Supported by rules defining acceptable times between mandatory events.
  • Requires delay entry if rules exceeded, giving immediate focus on operational efficiency - pro-actively tackling issues, rather than reactive once demurrage problem occurred.
  • Agent and Inspector timesheets can also be collected to support demurrage investigations.
  • Initial estimate of demurrage calculated automatically on shipment completion.

  • Entry of claims and, ultimately, settlement invoices (with posting to cost centres) against original demurrage estimates from timesheets\delays.
  • Capture of individual transaction events build to performance reports, graphs, and KPIs on vessel performance, port performance, demurrage summaries, demurrage accruals.
  • OAS Shipment Planner gives graphical representation of jetty schedule to aid improved planning and optimisation of harbour activity.
  • Variety of colour keys on schedule Gantt chart includes demurrage rate, estimated demurrage cost, historical demurrage costs.
  • Drag and drop functions allied with broad constraint checks and definition of product availability at berths lead to better decision-making in initial planning.

Improved Visibility

Track demurrage status from operational estimate through to claim and payment. Graphical views show demurrage status across multiple berths and sites

Cost Reduction

Some OAS clients have reported a reduction of more than 50% in their annual demurrage costs after strong focus on the opportunity in this area.


OAS provides a full suite of reports to monitor and track demurrage and drill down into delay and timesheet information to better understand vessel and port performance.


A flexible rules engine allows organisations to define rules that govern the estimation process such as the calculation of start and end of lay-time.