What We Do
Maron Systems offers its proven Oil logistics, Accounting and Shipping system (OAS) which includes extensive facilities and support for the whole Order Lifecycle, from input by Traders through to document generation at the jetty and mass balance by the Stock Accountant.

OAS has been installed in a number of countries, already counting many major multi-national oil companies amongst its users. Catering for a wide range of solutions, OAS has been developed in co-operation with real refineries and real users ensuring that it delivers real benefits.

OAS offers reduced costs, more accurate information sharing, and improved process efficiency in an integrated solution. OAS is also very cost-effective. A typical implementation payback period could be as short as 12 months.

Immediate Implementation Benefits
  • Reduce Demurrage
  • Improve focus on investigating and controlling losses as part of oil accounting function
  • Run a truly integrated shipping and movements system that enables direct volume calculation, fast document production, immediate posting of actuals to ERP or finance systems, and daily refinery mass balance calculation
  • Enable tighter organisational cohesion so different groups are looking at the same transaction throughout the nomination lifecycle
  • Improve Communication and reduce time spent on emails and phone calls chasing information and spreadsheet updates
  • Improve Responsiveness by catching important changes to key data items and broken business rules with individually notified alerts before they become problems
  • Visualise the latest lifting plan in real time to improve jetty schedules and KPIs to focus on performance improvement: port, vessel, loss control, demurrage, and more.

Key Features
Manages receipts and deliveries via road, rail, pipeline or water-borne vessels including shipments with multiple ownership, destination and grades

Tracks stocks in cylindrical, floating roof, spherical and bullet tanks; but also those in caverns, third party, depots, pipelines, afloat or in transit

Provides a standard interface template that allow integration with many standard industry packages e.g. Oil Movements, Scheduling, Laboratory Information Systems, Data Reconciliation systems, as well as interfacing to enterprise systems for finance, such as SAP

Rich jetty scheduling support

Daily mass balance generation

Electronic document distribution